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When you tell your story, you will be helping others across Edmonton and beyond to understand the need to invest in safe and affordable housing, and the programs that the Civida Housing Foundation supports.

By sharing your experience, you play a central role in our fundraising efforts and inspire the community.

How you can help

We have several ways to share your story, from speaking at one of our events, such as sharing your experience as a past Stars Award recipient, to telling your story on our website about how Civida housing has impacted your life.

There is no obligation or mandatory time commitment! Simply complete our Share Your Story form below, and the Civida Housing Foundation team will contact you.

We appreciate your support, and value your unique perspectives.

Share Your Story

Tell us the story of how Civida and/or Civida Housing Foundation have impacted your life.

Thank you for taking the time to share your story with us! Your experience can inspire others, and help us to continue building support for achieving our mission – to provide safe, affordable housing for all those in need it.

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Share Your Story

Please tell us about your experience with Civida’s affordable housing communities, and/or the Civida Housing Foundation. You can include information such as:

  • Your housing situation was before receiving support.
  • How Civida’s affordable housing programs have made a difference in your life.
  • Your experience living in a Civida home, or receiving support from Civida/Civida Housing Foundation.
  • Any challenges you have faced, and how you overcame them.
  • How your life has improved since receiving support from Civida or Civida Housing Foundation.
  • What you hope Civida can do to help others in the future.
  • Your dreams and plans for your future.
  • Any other details you'd like to share.
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