Our Story

Life starts with a home. A home is so much more than a roof over your head — it’s a place where you feel safe to sit back, laugh loud and hug tight. It’s where you belong.

The Civida Housing Foundation was established in 2000 as the charitable arm of Civida, the largest provider of community and affordable housing in the Edmonton metropolitan area. Civida’s mission is to provide safe, affordable homes, and the Foundation supports this important mission.

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Civida has over 50 years of experience and a proven track record working in partnership with federal, provincial and municipal governments to provide safe, affordable housing across Edmonton. However, the needs continue to grow, and resources are limited. That’s the Civida Housing Foundation comes in!

Driven by a volunteer board of passionate Edmontonians, the Civida Housing Foundation enables innovative opportunities to support Civida’s housing initiatives. This includes raising support, building partnerships, implementing programs to enhance the tenant experience, hosting community events, or anything else we can dream up! From giving tenants a head start in their new home through tenant welcome kits, to youth scholarships, as a charitable foundation, we are uniquely poised to be creative, agile and responsive as we bolster Civida’s essential work.

Ways to Help

Improved life outcomes are supported by a safe, affordable home. Our aspirations for our communities go far beyond this.

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Through the support of our generous partners and our community, the Civida Housing Foundation focuses on building resources around three key priorities:

  • Supporting Civida to advance the supply, quality and availability of safe, affordable housing in the Edmonton Metropolitan Area
  • Developing programs that lead to positive life outcomes for Civida’s tenants
  • Ancillary services, programs, and physical spaces that contribute to safe, healthy communities at Civida sites and across Edmonton.

We partner with local developers, businesses and Edmontonians to support Civida in providing safe, affordable housing. The Civida Housing Foundation helps families find belonging and hope. We help to create communities where people look beyond their doorsteps and give back to the city we share. Together we can build a kinder, stronger Edmonton, and lay the foundation for a brighter future.

Life starts
with a home.

The Civida Housing Foundation’s mission, vision and values mirror those of Civida. We exist to support their essential work.

Our Purpose:

We enable innovative opportunities for Civida’s housing initiatives.

To fulfill our purpose, we work in concert with Civida’s Mission, Vision and Values.

Our Mission:

To provide safe and affordable housing.

Our Vision:

Everybody’s home.

Our Values:

We act with respect, embrace diversity and treat everyone with empathy and fairness.

We use the best information to focus on positive change and solutions.

We exercise responsible management of our housing and resources.

We foster an environment of accountability where all feel safe to work collaboratively and transparently.

We invest in the success of our employees and customers.

Our Leadership

The Civida Housing Foundation is led by a dedicated and enthusiastic volunteer Board of Directors, and Executive Director, Bree Claude.

Meet our Leadership Team:


  • Karen Stone, Board Chair
  • Teresa Clouston
  • Jillene Lakevold
  • Geoff Oberg
  • Ashton Rudanec
  • Issam Saleh
  • Donna Stevenson


  • Bree Claude, Executive Director

About Civida

Civida is the largest provider of community and affordable homes in Edmonton, and a leader in housing research, policy, development and advocacy.

Civida is home for more than 15,000 people, providing over 5,300 community and affordable homes.

Learn more about Civida, and available housing programs at